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I have at my side a thunderingly good classical guitar – a veritable V8 of an instrument - ready to be taken out on the track.  And like all fine guitars this instrument has the special stamp of a thoroughbred, spirited yet refined.  I like the guitar very much and think this is a fine instrument.

Gareth Koch; ARIA Award Winner 2003,

Saffire - The Australian Guitar Quartet


I am the owner of the Redwood top guitar with Palo Dorado B&S. The sound is spectacular! That instrument redefines the limits of classical guitar and excellence!  

My musical circle includes many, from people with PhDs in theory and Masters in a performance discipline to semi-pro rockers like myself, and everybody in between. Everyone who has heard it vehemently praises its sound quality, so much so, it is under the category of being blown away! And, that amazing tone is present from the quietest passage to the very loud statements the instrument is capable of. It's loud but at an audiophile level. Did I say it's really loud? Oh, and it's capable of huge volume and projection. The sustain is also not believable unless you play it and hear it. Note separation, articulation, with simultaneous warmth of over tones - all present. I can romp on it hard, and all notes are distinct, clear, crisp. But when I want sweet overtones, I let the instrument speak for itself.

Andrew Pohlman, California USA  


Just letting you know after having a week off with the new beast its going great.  It is superb.  All of the guitar quartet found it to be an amazing instrument which far out classed all of our previous guitars. 

(Cedar rosewood neo-classical, snakewood trim)

Shannon Robards QLD Australia


"This guitar sings - so rich, so much depth and body to the tone, so alive under my hands. I am only able to harness the smallest tip of the iceberg so far, every time I pick her up, something new arises. I am continually surprised and overjoyed at the beauty of this guitar- in every way. Trevor's mastery of craftsmanship and innovation is world class, and it was a pleasure to work with him during the process of shaping the concept, choosing the materials, and then watching the build unfold in packets of eagerly awaited photos in my inbox. This guitar has, is, and will continue to enrich my life as a singer songwriter. Trevor makes some of the best acoustic guitars there are, and the value for money is amazing. I'm over the moon!"

(14th fret neck joint steel string)

Ed Bassingthwaighte, QLD, Australia


When I was thinking about this review I was thinking of all the sorts of things people say in reviews in magazines like Acoustic Guitar. While they’re interesting, I can’t think of any of my 16 guitars that I bought based on those reviews. Clearly with owning a few guitars, my Trevor Gore wasn’t based on need, it’s more like a journey. To start with I was looking for sustain, like Jimmy Page exploding with ‘A Whole Lot of Love’, but acoustically and clean. I looked online for innovations and found Trevor’s guitar site. After reading about how he approaches guitar design I knew I had a possible path to travel down. When I look for a new guitar I am looking for a new voice more than anything, and to do that it involves playing and listening, which I was able to do at Trevor’s place. 

Clearly the guitar is beautiful. A steel string with nice choice of woods for neck, binding and rosette, Indian rosewood back and sides with a cedar top, which was part of the voice I was looking for. Hopefully if Trevor puts this review on his site he’ll embellish with pictures, truly worth a thousand words. The fit and finish are truly lovely and while the shape is unique, it doesn’t sacrifice form for function. 

The guitar I have has ALL of Trevor’s innovations, carbon fibre reinforced bridge, weighted sides, compensated nut and bridge, straight string pull and what these have produced is a guitar that has amazing sustain and clarity, brilliant intonation which especially suits my light to medium fingerstyle playing. My guitar has a 12 fret to the body neck with a cut-away, a bit wider and a bit less curvature than other steel-string guitars I play, so more than most I needed to adjust to the neck. 

So far so great I have asked Trevor for an encore in building me a neo-classical twin, a nylon string guitar with an almost flamenco style attack…  I can only recommend you try these guitars – they may not suit the inner voice you seek but this has suited mine!

Robert Smith, S. Pacific


hey trevor,

the guitar is worth its weight in saffron   [steel string "Concert Classical" guitar]

DR, Byron Bay, Australia

 Hi Trevor,

I hope you can post this on your website. The steel string bloodwood guitar is simply unbelievable and this is based on the opinion of myself and that of others who I recently gave the opportunity to play at a guitar camp. Everyone was in awe of this guitar.  To say that you have something special here is a gross understatement.  We do not even need to import high end guitars any more and have not had to for quite some time.  Artists need to look in the backyard before they look over the fence. Also, great book and absolute pleasure dealing with you.


David Cox, QLD, Australia.


You will be very pleased when you hear the guitar next [neo-classical] as it is waking up very nicely and now has your characteristic bell like quality on both top strings. Physically to hold and play it fits very well, a natural extension of the guitarist body rather than feeling like a plank in your lap, I guess this is partly the shape of the neck and also the new body shape which seems to lock onto the supporting leg and doesn't have the tendency to slip like the standard shape classical. So all up a real joy to play and hear.   

Probably the most significant effect it has had on my playing is that I listen much more like an audience member rather that just concentrate on the physical aspects of playing which normally inhibits the players ability to listen objectively.  

The finish is also pretty amazing, it has such depth and polish that everyone is pretty impressed well before they get to hear it.  

Of course your guitar surpasses the quality of my [other guitars] so much that they sound like very poor cousins now but they have served me very well all these years so I cant feel too regretful about this.

DG, Newcastle, Australia


It was a pleasure meeting you recently.  I was at [a friend’s] place recently and he invited me to see the guitar he got from you.  I WAS STUNNED.  I have never seen/ played such a responsive, alive steel string guitar in my life.  I was further stunned by the picture of your incredible bracing system... I am at the moment being visited by a musician friend … who is a very accomplished guitarist.  I took him over to [my friend’s] and he was stunned also. 

DB, Fort Bragg, CA


"To play a Trevor Gore steel string guitar for a few moments and then return to my vintage-series Martin is like jumping on an Olympic trampoline for a good while, getting off the trampoline and then trying to achieve that same bounce and exhilaration back on the ground! "


DR, Sydney, Australia


I just bought a 12 fret to the neck cedar/indian steel string guitar made this year by Australian luthier Trevor Gore. ... … It was played at the Healdsburg festival and to my ears is the best sounding steel string I have ever heard. I paid 6k and I am sure it is vastly better sounding than many instruments costing twice that or even more.  

RL, Mendocino, CA


My guitar is just getting better and better… Round and clear with good volume! A nicely balanced sound.  The sound and quality of your guitar is better, both richer and louder, than the Taylor guitar at £[lots]…The sound of the classical guitar is amazing.

FE, Bridport, UK 


This is the most in-tune responsive and powerful steel string guitar I've owned.  

RF, Sydney, Australia  


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