I build classical guitars in three different body shapes: a "classical" classical, a neo-classical and a small bodied classical.  The neo-classical is for those requiring a modern look and playing a modern repertoire.  I frequently incorporate a cutaway in this guitar which, with its higher waist, significantly aids playability and comfort. Many players also request sound reinforcement.     

The second style is a “classical” classical guitar which has a more traditional look.  However, the soundboard can be braced using either classical or contemporary methods to deliver a traditional Spanish sound or a more powerful modern yet pliable sound.  

Finally, there is the small bodied classical, which punches well above its weight and is the result of my efforts to better balance physical size with sound producing potential.  It is an instrument well suited to players of any size, but will be particularly appreciated by those of smaller stature.




Flamenco Dorado


Not blanca (cypress back and sides), not negra (rosewood back and sides) but Flamenco Dorado, the golden flamenco guitar. For years both artists and builders alike have been searching for THAT sound, flamenco snap and growl but with a little more of the articulation and flexibility of a classical guitar. This is a guitar specifically designed for the demanding flamenco soloist for live performance. It is

LOUD and articulate.




Steel String


My steel string guitars are aimed squarely at the finger style specialist.  Whilst I have built steel string guitars in many styles, my favourite style is the “steel string concert classical” guitar, the ultimate finger-style guitar with volume, projection, sustain, clarity and separation in spades.  Well played, these guitars sound like a small orchestra. 


I build in two body sizes, the medium size being 390mm across the lower bout and the small guitar being 360mm across the lower bout.  Both sizes utilise my unique bracing system, specifically optimised for low structural distortion under the static string loads but high soundboard mobility (and hence responsiveness and volume) under the dynamic loading of the plucked string.

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