A "classical", classical guitar shape, with a choice of bracing structures.    

For the traditionalist, this guitar can be braced in the asymmetric Fleta style to give an articulate and powerful guitar in the great Barcelona tradition.   

Braced in my falcate style and fitted with an ultra-low mass bridge, the sound is powerfully classical with great tone colour and projection.  With a spruce top, the articulation and note separation is extraordinary, whilst a cedar top delivers a warmer sound.  With either top wood, the first string is bell-like in its clarity.  See the photo gallery for more pictures .









This is an instrument for players wanting a classical guitar with a difference.  This body shape places the waist higher, towards the neck, bringing the left hand closer to the body, thus reducing the stress on the fretting hand, arm and shoulder.  By using a very low mass bridge, the total effective mass of the top is lower than most conventional classical guitars, which means that these guitars have tops with a higher excursion and so shift more air for less player effort.  This guitar is normally braced in my falcate style, optimised for a balance of power and sensitivity that appeals to many classical players.  The tone is best described as being of the Spanish genre, but with greater volume and projection without sacrificing tonal versatility and clarity in the trebles.  See the photo gallery for more pictures.








Small Body Classical


Torres is generally regarded as the man who defined the size of the classical guitar as we know it today. However, Torres made guitars in numerous sizes and there is no concensus that the larger sizes, which we now call "standard", were any more powerful than the smaller ones.  I have long been of the view that many guitars are "too big for their own good" in that the extra mass required in the structure of a larger sound board, that reduces its acceleration, is not adequately compensated for by the increase in sound radiating surface.

After careful modeling and experimentation, I designed my small body classical, which is some 25mm narrower across the lower bout than standard sized guitars, whist having a louder, more projecting voice which is both sweet and colourful.

I typically build this guitar with a user adjustable neck angle and an adjustable truss rod, which makes it perfect for the travelling musician who needs a guitar that can can always have a perfect setup dialled in, independant of the location and climatic conditions.  Being a smaller guitar, it is also well suited to smaller people (as well as larger ones) so smaller people no longer have to suffer the discomfort of a standard sized guitar or the performance compromises of typical smaller instruments.  

The guitar can be falcate braced for an emphasis on power, or lattice braced for an emphasis on sensitivity.  See the photo gallery for more pictures.


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